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Yanni - Yard Birds - Yazoo - Yes - Youngbloods - Young Rascals - Yvonne Elliman
Yanni's Top 5 Greatest Hits
Yanni Aria
Yanni For All Seasons
Yanni Nostalgia
Yanni The Rain Must Fall
Yanni The Storm
Yazoo's Top 5 Greatest Hits
Yazoo Don't Go
Yazoo Midnight
Yazoo Nobody's Diary
Yazoo Only You
Yazoo Situation
Yardbirds' Top 5 Greatest Hits
Yardbirds Dazed and Confused
Yardbirds For Your Love
Yardbirds Heart Full Of Soul
Yardbirds Shapes Of Things
Yardbirds Train Kept a Rollin'
Yes' Top 5 Greatest Hits
Yes I've Seen All Good People
Yes Love Will Find A Way
Yes Roundabout
Yes Owner of a Lonely Heart
Youngbloods' Top 5 Greatest Hits
Youngbloods All Over The World
Youngbloods Elephant Mountain
Youngbloods Get Together
Youngbloods In Color
Youngbloods Reason To Believe
Young Rascals' Top 5 Greatest Hits
Young Rascals Good Lovin
Young Rascals Groovin
Young Rascals How Can I Be Sure
Young Rascals It's A Beautiful Morning
Young Rascals Mickey's Monkey
Yvonne Elliman's Top 5 Greatest Hits
Yvonne Elliman Hello Stranger
Yvonne Elliman I Don't Know How To Love Him
Yvonne Elliman If I can't Have You
Yvonne Elliman Love Me
Yvonne Elliman Can't Find My Way Home
Zager And Evans (One Hit Wonder)
Zager And Evans In The Year 2525
50 One Hit Wonders
One Hit Wonders: Music artists who only had one successful hit, usually reaching #1 on billboard's charts, that people remember without a comparable subsequent hit.
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